Sunday, 2 June 2013

A bit of me time..........

Every Monday, Glenda from Chocolate Baroque, sends out a Monday Mojo Newsletter.  This week, as it was a Bank Holiday, she challenged us to take time out and play with our crafty stash!
Well, it was a week off work for me but I had loads of paperwork to get through and then I wasn't feeling too good (about usual for me when on holiday!), but I finally got round to unwrapping a canvas that had been on my shelf since ..........well forever!
I gessoed it, I painted it, I messed it up, I threw it in the bin, I rescued it and decided to just throw everything at it and I quite like the end result!

There is also a "hand challenge" going on at the Chocolate Baroque Community Blog so take a look!


1 comment:

Paula (PEP) said...

It does look good - love the way those blues of the patterned paper echo the painted background & the royal blue of the 'inky' hands borders on purple echoing the indigo tones of the patterned paper too.
Hope you're feeling much btter.
Paula (PEP)