Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Crafty Tour!

My New Craft Room!

A few months ago my eldest son moved into his new flat, which meant my younger son could move out of the attic bedroom and into the bigger bedroom - and I could have a Craft Room!

It's taken a while to get everything sorted and most rooms are now painted (except this one!) but we are getting there. Had a good sort out of my stuff and though I'd show you some pics whilst it's relatively tidy!

Wall No 1
This is some furniture that was given to us but we had nowhere for it to go before, now the sideboard is holding all my card and envelope packs. All my ribbons and embellishments are stored in the plastic boxes and my magazines and books underneath!

The ottoman stores all my A4 card and papers.

Wall No 2
This was my sons computer desk which was too big to take down the stairs and is a fab space! It's got 8 drawers for my glues, glitters, tools, etc.

The storage on top is a CD rack and is great for my inks, blocks, brayers, etc.

Love the view from here!

Next to the desk is my Die Cutting area.  The boxes hold my dies, EF and punches. In the basket are eyelets and snaps for the Crop a Dile.

The first set of drawers is all my Christmas stuff - papers, stamps and embellishments. The second set of drawers has pens, more tools, flowers, wooden stamps, etc.

Wall No 3
This is my computer area (obviously!) and a storage unit where I keep all my paper/card scraps in separate colour ways - my next project is to alter this unit! It came from a school that closed down recently.  Note the spelling mistakes! My unmounted stamps are kept in the storage boxes on top.

The fourth wall is empty as we have to put in a bed in case of visitors- hope they like glitter!

Hope you enjoyed your tour!


Katina said...

Fab Sandra, so well organised too! I got a craft room when one of my sons moved out too ....and then he came back, lol!! He's been gone again for about 3 years so I think I'm safe from eviction now, lol!

Paula (PEP) said...

This looks super. I had to smile for I too keep my scraps of card organized by colour & I have one of those large Xcut guillotines. I still haven't got to grips with my Crop-a-dile & I love your CD rack idea. From our lounge we have similar colours towards Pen y Fan.
Enjoy your space.
Paula (PEP)

Gill said...

Wow, how neat and tidy you are. I keep tidying my space (my half of the office I share with my husband) but always end up working in clutter. I too keep my off cuts of paper in their separate colourways. Great minds think alike it seems!

Kathryn said...

How fabby is that :) its so nice when you have your own space to play xxx

Shirley King said...

Wow that is organised you are... xxx

Clare Curcio said...

What a nice craft room! Mine is a terrible mess after the holidays - will you come help me organise mine please? lol

GinaA said...

What a fabulous view, love that beautiful window, must give so much light.
Is your tidyness catching? I could do with some, my room looks like a bomb has dropped all of the time.

craftimamma said...

Hi Sandra, I've not had much online time recently so only just noticed your mention of your new craft room on the CB forum and had to come and have a nosy peek, lol! I bet you were so excited to move all your stuff in there and that's a wonderful view you have. Er, dare I ask if it's still that tidy, lol!

Lesley Xx